A roof is more than just a lid on your facility. It’s also a complex system that works to regulate the temperature in your building while preventing unwanted moisture and air infiltration. And just like with any sloped roof, an essential part of any flat roof is having a functional roof ventilation system.


In this post from A Plus Roofing, our commercial flat roof contractors are taking a closer look at high-performance flat roof ventilation solutions for Minnesota businesses. Check out these benefits of good flat roof ventilation and then call our flat roof pros when you need roof repair services in the Twin Cities area.

1.   You’ll save on energy spending.

In the world of business, trimming costs anywhere you can is crucial to your company’s bottom line. And one place far too many businesses lose money unnecessarily is in energy expenses. With a few changes around your facility, you could end up saving every month on your energy costs, and sense those savings are cumulative, adding up month after month, it could spell significant savings.


When your roof is inadequately ventilated, your heating and cooling system is forced to work much harder year-round. Better ventilation allows hot air to go where it needs to, which means your building will be more comfortable without pushing your HVAC system too hard. And all of that can add up to dramatic energy savings over time.

2.   You’ll experience fewer mold problems.

Roof issues are a leading cause of mold growth inside a building, and once mold gets into your facility, remediation can be costly and time-consuming. Mold exposure can also lead to a host of health problems including allergy issues and more-serious long-term health problems. Mold can also damage the materials inside of your building. Excellent roof ventilation, on the other hand, will reduce your roof problems and help prevent mold from growing inside your facility.

3.   Your roof will last longer.

All new roofs can be costly because the process involves the labor of removing the original roof and adding a new one. That’s why you want to do everything you can to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible and remains in good condition for most of its lifespan. And making sure your roof is adequately ventilated is one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your roof.


When your roof isn’t well-ventilated, condensation can get into your roof, creating serious long-term problems that damage the roof material and even the inside of your building. Not only will good ventilation help to dramatically reduce these issues, but it will also directly impact the amount you spend on commercial flat roof repairs as the years wear on, saving your company money.

Twin Cities Commercial Flat Roof Ventilation

With spring right around the corner, now is the best time to start planning ahead for your spring building and facilities maintenance. With a spring roof inspection, you can stay ahead of any roof issues resulting from the winter freeze and thaw cycle so your roof will be ready for anything the rainy season has in store.


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