There are lots of things to think about in the planning phase of any facilities management project. But one of the most important steps when you’re replacing your roof is finding the right commercial roofing contractor.


Although the Twin Cities area has plenty of roofing contractors, not all are certified and experienced with working on commercial roofs. At A-Plus Roofing, we want our clients to feel comfortable with the process from start to finish, and that starts with having some of the best credentials in the industry.


In this post, we’re breaking down everything you need to choose the right commercial roofing contractor for your business. To schedule your roof inspection, give us a call today.

1.   Read their reviews.

There are several online locations where you should be able to check out a company’s testimonials. Some may offer testimonials on their website. But if they don’t, you can read through their client reviews on Google reviews. Look for businesses in your area that resemble your company and read through their experiences to learn what to expect if you use this contractor.

2.   Check out their past work.

A competent commercial roofer will be more than willing to provide examples of their past work. Many experienced commercial roofers will have online gallery so clients can check out their past projects. Ask for a link to a contractor’s portfolio and look for projects similar to what you’re hiring for.

3.   Ask about their credentials.

When you’re choosing a roofing contractor for your business, you’re probably not just hiring a roofer for a single project. Since seasonal roofing maintenance is an important part of facilities management, it’s a good idea to check out their licensure and certifications. Scroll through their website or ask a contractor what type of certifications they hold and how long they’ve been in business.

4.   Find out what type of work they do.

Not all flat roof contractors can handle every type of commercial roofing material or offer a complete range of services. Ask roofers what types of work they do and whether they offer infra-red roof inspections.

5.   Make sure their work is warrantied.

In the age of digital information, fly-by-night contractors are a dime a dozen. If there’s a problem with your roof or the workmanship down the road, you need to know the contractor stands by their work. Find out whether a company’s work is warrantied and what types of restrictions apply.

Connect With a Trusted Twin Cities Flat Roof Contractor

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