As a business owner, you need to know your facilities and equipment are protected against anything nature can throw at it. And we certainly get our fair share of nature in this region, especially during the fall and winter months.


With autumn right around the corner, our commercial roof repair team at A-Plus Roofing is reminding Twin Cities businesses to make sure their roofs are ready for the weather ahead. And there’s no better way to protect your business than with the high-performance single-ply protection of EPDM rubber membranes.


In this post, we’re taking the time to highlight one of the most durable, environmentally-friendly types of commercial roofs: EPDM rubber membranes. Call to learn more about rubber membranes for your Twin Cities business today.

EPDM: The Singly-Ply Solution

Ethylene Propylene Diene Polymer (EPDM) has been in widespread use as a commercial roofing material since the 1970s. Although TPO and PVC would later arrive on the scene, EPDM has remained a popular choice for a number of reasons and continues to be a strong contender even today.


When compared to other commercial roofing materials, EPDM remains an environmentally-friendly choice with a surprisingly low carbon footprint. And check out these additional benefits of using EPDM for your commercial roof:

1.    Efficient

As a business owner, saving on energy costs should be at the top of your to-do list. EPDM helps achieve that goal by trimming costs throughout the year thanks to its efficient performance. During the summer, EPDM rubber membranes reflect heat while allowing heat to escape from inside the building at the same time. It also helps to insulate your building during the winter months, reducing your heating bill.

2.    Affordable

When compared to similar types of roofing materials, EPDM tends to be less expensive. And because EPDM is a single-ply rubber membrane, it’s easier to install, saving you money on installation labor costs.

3.    Durable

EPDM’s resilience has been well-documented for nearly 50 years. While flexible enough to fit around vents, gutters, and pipes, it can stand easily up to extreme temperatures. With regular maintenance and care, most rubber membranes are expected to last for several decades.

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