The roof of any commercial building is one of the hardest-working components of the facility. You count on the performance of that roof to protect your building, the occupants, equipment, and other property. To protect your investment, it’s important to prioritize roof maintenance throughout the year just as you maintain your home and vehicle.


Pretty soon, spring will be here, which means it will be time to start thinking about annual facilities maintenance. And one item that should be on your annual maintenance list is scheduling a springtime commercial flat roof inspection.


In this post from A-Plus Roofing, we’re outlining some of the important reasons you should schedule a commercial roof inspection as part of your ongoing building maintenance. To connect with a Twin Cities flat roof contractor, give us a call today.

Prioritizing Roof Maintenance

When it comes to your roof, staying ahead of roof maintenance can help you catch any potential problems before they become serious or catastrophic. An experienced flat roof contractor has an eye for all types of roof problems along with the knowledge to catch them early on, often using subtle clues. Even if a contractor doesn’t find any issues at each inspection, they’ll know the condition of your roof and be on the lookout for early signs of age-related and weather-related problems.


There are also many advantages to working with a regular contractor who understands your company and the history of your building. With an established relationship, you’ll have someone you can trust to call about any questions or concerns that should arise in the future. This connection also gives you an advantage when it comes to making decisions about products and repairs. And with a regular maintenance record, it’s much easier to make insurance claims when you finally need to.


These are the top three reasons we recommend scheduling regular roof inspections as part of your ongoing facilities maintenance:

1.    Your insurance is more likely to payout.

Did you know that failure to keep up with regular repairs can cost you when you try to make an insurance claim? Insurance companies expect building owners to stay on top of roof repairs, and failure to do so can end up in a denied insurance claim.

2.    Your roof will last longer.

A roof is one of the most costly investments you can make when it comes to maintaining your building. Too often, building managers put off minor repairs that can lead to early catastrophic failure. In addition to catching roof repair issues, an experienced and knowledgeable roof inspection team can help make recommendations to increase the health of your roof. By scheduling regular roof inspections and staying on top of repairs, you’re ensuring your roof will last longer.

3.    You’ll stop problems in their tracks with early detection.

Whether they’re an auto mechanic, a plumber, or a heating and air conditioning technician, any professional repair contractor will tell you the same thing: Early detection is the best line of defense against incurring expensive repairs or experiencing system failure. That’s because most types of damage are cumulative.


Once a point of vulnerability arises, your problems will only worsen over time until a complete and thorough repair is completed. And when it comes to commercial flat roof membranes, regular annual or seasonal inspection is almost invariably the antidote to extensive roof damage or failure.

4.    Your employees will be safer.

Your employees depend on you to provide a safe work environment. And taking extra steps to keep your workers and clients safe will also help to reduce the risk of financial liability if anyone becomes injured on the premises. Investing in regular facilities maintenance will also increase confidence in your organization, giving your workers added peace of mind.

5.    You’ll protect your facility against mold and water damage.

Mold growth can be one of the most insidious problems for commercial facilities and warehouses, but minor water infiltration that leads to mold is difficult to see with the eye. And unfortunately, mold proliferation inside your facility can be a serious health liability for your employees and clients since mold can lead to allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems. And more toxic species of mold can cause more serious health threats including severe neurological damage and long-term health problems. Even if you manage to escape the health impact of mold, it can create vulnerabilities in the structural components of your facility or damage your property.


Once mold infiltrates your facility, remediating it can be one of the most costly facilities expenses you’ll incur. And then there’s the time needed for the extensive process that’s needed to completely remove every bit of mold from your building. At A-Plus Roofing, we use infra-red roof inspections to look for hidden water that can’t be seen otherwise and identify leaks early on, which means mold won’t have a chance to get in through your roof.

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