With spring finally here, it's time to start thinking about springtime facilities maintenance. Many residential and commercial homeowners in Minneapolis, St Paul, and nearby cities can confirm that spring is the right time to restore the strength of their commercial roofs. With all of the heavy snow and ice behind us for the season, one of your spring maintenance priorities needs to include inspecting the condition of your commercial roof.


This post from A-Plus Roofing breaks down some of the most common spring problems that can impact your commercial roof in Minneapolis. Give us a call to schedule your spring commercial roof inspection today.


The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your commercial roof is essential to protecting the structural integrity of your building. Of all your building's components, your roof is usually hit the hardest during the winter and spring. So, it's important that you pay close attention to it.


These are just a few ways a damaged roof can harm your company:


●          Unsafe rooftop walkways

●          Money loss on energy costs

●          Property damage from leaky ceilings

●          Risk of cumulative roof damage or collapse


To prevent these issues from interfering with your business, you should prioritize a seasonal roof inspection each spring. Look for the following common spring roof concerns.

Pest Damage

During the spring months, animals start looking for places to nest. Animals can burrow, gnaw, and chew on your roof, damaging the materials and causing leaks.


Watch out for signs of animal infestation, including nests, animal droppings, and paw prints. Don't try to handle wild animal issues yourself as this can be unsafe. Additionally, there are many laws protecting local wildlife. It's best to call a professional wildlife removal team to assist with these issues. Doing this sets you on the right path to having your commercial roof repair done.

Pooling Water

Any signs of pooling water on your roof may indicate a problem with the underlying roof structure and drainage system. A professional commercial roofing contractor can evaluate the condition of your roof as well as use infra-red roof inspection to find underlying problems that aren't visible to the eye.

Gutters Sagging

Leaves and other debris can jam the gutters of your roof over time. A gutter may loosen and possibly sag if there is too much debris in it. If your gutters are damaged, they can cause poor drainage.


Keep your gutters clean regularly to avoid drainage problems. Find a commercial roofing contractor in your neighborhood if you have any of these gutter problems before they worsen.

Damaged or Weak Shingles

If you have an asphalt roof, the shingles are the first line of defense against the elements and harm from the outside. If your shingles are damaged or missing, you'll want to get them replaced as quickly as possible this spring.


Cold temperatures take a toll on your shingles, causing them to crack, distort, or curl. It's no surprise that shingle issues are a prevalent springtime concern for commercial and residential roofing after the harsh winter months, since asphalt is so prevalent in Minnesota.

Failed Sealant

In the cold, many construction materials compress somewhat, while in the heat, they expand slightly. This might pose issues with more delicate materials after some time. Sealants that protect rooftop flashing break and bend, resulting in gaps.


This split lets water pass through and further deteriorates the flashing. The issue is that sealants are difficult to evaluate without getting up close to roofing materials, so a professional inspection may be a smart idea.


Contact a Minneapolis Commercial Roofing Contractor

Getting started with your commercial roof repairs before they become worse is the key to protecting your property and extending the lifespan of your roof. There are no hands in Minneapolis better than A-Plus Roofing services for your commercial roof repair. We are experienced in repair and installation of flat roofing including the use of traditional or specialized roofing materials.


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