When you’re in charge of a facility, the last thing you need is an unexpected roof leak on your commercial flat roof. The key to preventing additional roof damage is conducting repairs as soon as possible. When repairs are put off, the damage can add up over time and worsen, leading to more severe problems.


At A Plus Roofing, we help Twin Cities businesses get back on track when roof damage occurs. Because we know how important it is to stay open with minimal disruptions, we’re committed to getting your roof repaired fast. Next time your roof leaks, follow this guide for the best possible results.

Spotting a Roof Leak

As we noted above, the sooner you identify and repair a roof leak, the better, especially when dealing with a flat roof repair. But unfortunately, commercial roof leaks can often go unnoticed until the problem becomes serious.


Here are some signs your building may have a commercial roof leak:


●        Damaged seams

●        Standing water due to clogged drains

●        Bubbled membranes

●        Damaged flashing

●        Dank or mildew smell inside your facility

●        Damp walls inside your building

●        Wall and ceiling stains

Handling a Roof Leak

Once you’ve identified a roof leak, there are several steps you can take to protect your facility and its occupants:


➢       Determine the Location of the Leak: If possible, identify the source of the water leak. Make sure any visible water isn’t due to another issue such as a plumbing problem. 


➢       Perform a Risk Assessment: Take a look around your facility to determine if there are any possible safety hazards due to the leak. If there is a water leak, mark off the area with signage to prevent accidents due to slips and falls.


➢       Protect Your Property: Remove any inventory that could potentially become damaged from a water leak.


➢       Contact a Commercial Roofing Contractor: After protecting your property and employees, it’s time to contact a Twin Cities professional flat roof contractor.

Your Twin Cities Commercial Roof Inspection Company

Can’t identify the source of the leak? We can help! Our commercial roofing contractor team at A Plus Roofing can conduct a professional infra-red roofing inspection to determine the source of the leak and make a complete repair.


Contact a flat roof repair contractor for your online estimate and contact-free service to learn more about our services. Call to connect with a member of our team at 952-894-5435 or contact us online to learn more about our roof inspections today!