As a maintenance engineer, facilities manager, or business owner, you depend on your commercial flat roof to protect your facility and everyone inside it. That’s why it’s important that your roof membrane remains in condition for as long as possible.


When it comes to extending the lifespan of your commercial roof, there are two important steps you can take to make your roof function well for as long as possible. In this post from A-Plus Roofing, we’ll break down those steps and talk about what you can do to keep your commercial roof in great shape.

Choosing the Right Roofing System

Making sure your commercial roof lasts starts with choosing the right roofing system. These are the main types of modern commercial roofs and their approximate lifespans:

1.    EPDM

Rubber membranes, also known as EPDM membranes, have a life expectancy of between 22 to 35 years. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. This synthetic compound works well as a commercial roofing material because of its superior resistance to ozone, weather, heat, and cold. It’s also highly resistant to alkaline and acidic compounds.

2.    TPO

TPO stands for Thermoplastic Olefin. These sheets contain a polyester layer that strengthens the membrane. Commonly found on shopping centers and warehouses, TPO also includes UV absorbers to resist solar radiation, making many TPO roofs an Energy Star solution. Like EPDM, TPO stands up well to oils, chemicals, salts, heat, and cold. Expect a good TPO membrane to last up to three decades.

3.    Duro-Last Roofs

Duro-Last is a single-ply, custom-fabricated PVC roofing system that works well for many commercial flat roof applications. The beauty of the Duro-Last system is that it’s easy to install and highly resistant to fire, winds, solar heat, chemicals, and even moisture. It’s also low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. The Duro-Last system will last up to 30 years with regular maintenance.

Maintaining Your Minneapolis Rubber Membranes

The second key to a long-lasting roof is conducting routine maintenance and inspections as needed. When roof repairs are conducted right away, this can go a long way in preventing more serious issues down the road. At A-Plus Roofing in Minneapolis, we offer a complete range of commercial roof services including infra-red roof repair.


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