When most people think of commercial roof repair, they tend to think in terms of catastrophic roof damage due to storms and disasters. You may be surprised to learn that the most common type of commercial roof damage is caused by cumulative minor damage that adds up over time. Also known as “consequential damage,” this type of cumulative damage can shorten your commercial roof’s lifespan and add up in terms of property damage and cost.


At A-Plus Roofing in Minnesota, we’re committed to helping commercial businesses prevent roof damage before it happens with regular roof repair. Here are a few ways cumulative roof damage can cost you when it’s overlooked for too long:

1.    Liability Risk

When your roof’s structural integrity is compromised, water can get into your building and leak onto your equipment and floors. This can create a slip-and-fall risk that leads to worker’s compensation or legal liability. Water inside your facility can also lead to mildew and mold proliferation that can create health problems for employees.

2.    Damaged Property

When water seeps into your building or your roof collapses, any equipment or inventory inside is at risk of additional damage. Although it is common practice to place a bucket under a minor drip, unseen damage that accompanies a leak can lead to sudden damage that costs you significantly.

3.    Pests

Any perforation in your roof is a potential point of infiltration for pests and small animals. Once insects or small nesting animals get into your facility, they can become costly to remove and create additional damage to your property and building.

Identifying Cumulative Roof Damage

One of the challenges of commercial roof repair is that not all damage is visible with the naked eye. Professional commercial roof contractors use infra-red roof inspections to identify minor damage that isn’t immediately visible or obvious. With thermal imaging, we’ll identify areas where moisture is trapped on your roof. The beauty of infra-red roof inspection is that it creates a comprehensive picture of the extent of roof damage so you can address all existing damage points before they become serious. It also allows us to give you the most complete estimate possible on roof repair.

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If you’ve got a rain bucket somewhere in your commercial facility, your problems are growing where you can’t see them. Let our infra-red roof inspection contractors protect your roof today so your roof will protect your building longer.


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