When you’re in charge of a commercial facility or warehouse, you want to make every effort to keep your building, its occupants, and company property safe. When you think about possible hazards to your company and facilities, some of the most common concerns are roof leaks and storm damage. It’s important to remember that your commercial flat roof also plays a key role in preventing fire.


At A-Plus Roofing in Burnsville, MN, our commercial roof inspection team can help you assess your roof’s ability to stand up to fire. We’ve put together this guide to reducing commercial roof fire hazards for your facility. Give us a call to schedule your commercial roof inspection or learn about options for upgrading your Twin Cities commercial flat roof.

Fire Resistance and Your Commercial Roof

Think of a commercial flat roof as the first line of defense against the elements. If that roof becomes damaged, it is no longer able to perform its job, exposing the property inside your facility to a number of potential risks.


Traditionally, flat commercial roofs were constructed using built-up layers of bitumen, tar, gravel, or asphalt. However, innovations in roofing technology in the 1970s led to their gradual replacement with rubber and plastic membranes. These flat roof membranes could be fastened mechanically or with adhesive.


Most roofing membranes are inherently fire-resistant, and all commercial roofs will be up to fire code once installed, reducing the chance of ignition. However, there are a few important steps you can take to reduce fire hazards for your facility:

1.   Avoid Debris Accumulation

One of the most roof-related common fire hazards is the accumulation of debris on a facility’s roof. This debris can catch fire and create a hazard for the roof beneath it, potentially reaching the building itself. Regularly clear your roof of branches, leaves, and other debris to reduce your building’s risk.

2.   Repair Roof Damage Promptly

If the roof membrane is damaged, its fire protective abilities are irrelevant as the roof beneath it becomes vulnerable to fire. Prioritize regular roof inspections and repairs to minimize roofing related fire hazards.

3.   Maintain Your Electrical System

Electrical wiring problems are commonly linked to commercial building fires. If your facility is an older one, be sure to have your wiring inspected and make sure no potential fire hazards exist.

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