When you’re having your commercial roof replaced, it’s important to understand that roof’s anticipated life cycle and make plans for future maintenance. The initial cost of a replacement roof or a new roof installation is a significant investment. However, there are some important steps you can take to extend the life of your roof.


In this post from A-Plus Roofing, our commercial roofing contractors will talk about the life cycle of a commercial roof and how to extend it. Give us a call to schedule an infrared inspection for your commercial flat roof.

Understanding the Commercial Flat Roof Life Cycle

Before developing a maintenance strategy for your commercial flat roof, it’s important to understand the roof’s life cycle. There are three main stages to the life cycle of a commercial flat roof. The first step is the initial new roof installation. During this stage, a commercial roofing contractor can make recommendations for the best roofing material based on your facility’s location, the building structure, and your organization’s budget.


Most of the roof’s lifespan will fall under the maintenance period. During this stage, you’ll need to conduct regular maintenance checks to help prevent serious problems from arising and preserve your roof’s structural integrity. The final stage of the roof’s life cycle is the restoration or replacement stage when the roof will need to be replaced.

New Roof Installation Tips for Long-Term Maintenance

The best time to begin thinking about roofing maintenance is when your new roof is initially installed. To plan for long-term maintenance, it’s important to choose the right materials for your facility and hire an experienced commercial roofing contractor. Your contractor will be familiar with maintenance on the type of roof you’re having installed and can help you create a maintenance plan.


Here are a few factors to discuss with your roofing contractor:


●        Frequency of recommended inspections and maintenance

●        Amount of roof traffic you can expect at your facility

●        Biggest concerns for roof maintenance

●        Causes of roof failure

●        Type of inspection recommended

Contact Our Twin Cities Commercial Roof Inspection Pros

The best advice for commercial roof life cycle maintenance is to follow the advice of your commercial roof contractors. They can discuss issues like snow removal, ponding, and flat roof repair. Extending your commercial roof’s lifespan begins with damage prevention. Detecting minor roof problems early can help to dramatically extend the expected lifespan of the roof.


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