When you’re looking for the right protective membrane for your commercial roof, it can be difficult to know where to begin. One of the most durable roofing systems is TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin. TPO has become one of the most widely preferred roofing systems among commercial roofing contractors in the past few years due to its cost-effectiveness and strong performance.


Thermoplastic is a type of moldable material that seals and hardens with thermal activation. This process creates seams that are completely watertight when sealed. In this blog post from A-Plus Roofing, our Twin Cities commercial roofing contractors will break down the benefits of TPO roofing for your commercial facilities. Give us a call when you’re ready to discuss TPO installation for your building.


Here are some of the primary benefits of using TPO roofing:

1.   Installation is Easy

TPO is a lighter-weight material than many other types of materials used to create commercial roofs. The result is a roof that can be installed quickly and efficiently. This translates to a more affordable labor installation cost for your business. It also means you’ll spend less time waiting on commercial roofing contractors to complete your roof replacement than with other materials.

2.   TPO is More Efficient

TPO is a cooler roof material than many other types of commercial roofs. In the summertime, this means your building will be easier to keep cool, reducing your energy costs. It also helps to regulate the temperature inside your facility during the winter months. Reduced energy usage is also key to reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

3.   TPO is More Durable

While other roofing membranes may be vulnerable to damage, TPO resists tearing and punctures due to wind and weather-related impact. TPO is also better able to handle the natural contraction and expansion that can occur with drastic temperature changes and freeze and thaw cycles. If you commit to maintaining your commercial TPO roof, it will last for several decades.

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