Flat RoofingThe flat roof offers some distinct advantages over the traditional peaked roof. Although it’s typically viewed as an industrial or commercial building style, it has a place on residential structures as well. With some designs, the entire roof can be flat; with others a portion of the building can incorporate the horizontal design feature. Whether residential or commercial, there are reasons concerning structure, practicality and aesthetics toward choosing a flat roof.


The flat roof provides easy access via ladder or steps. It’s much safer when you need access and doesn't require the special equipment or skills of professional roofers to simply walk on the roof. It does still require that expertise to inspect and conduct routine maintenance which any roof requires as your first defense against weather.


That access does make it potentially an additional usable space. Your HVAC components can easily be placed on a flat roof to make use of traditional HVAC areas for storage or other purposes. Solar panels or even rainwater barrels can be used on top of the roof for eco-friendly purposes. With a bit of planning in a residential setting, it can even serve as a traditional deck for light gardening, sunbathing or simply spending time outdoors.


The cost of a flat roof is less than a traditional shingled peak roof. The price of construction is less, that is. Although it requires more maintenance, the long term cost is lower on average over the life of the roof. The caveat here is that the repair costs can be much higher should regular inspection and maintenance be performed and so is therefore crucial if you have a flat roof.

The flat roof is a practical choice for commercial buildings and can be an interesting design for residential. Consider the available options with your next building project and contact us at A Plus Roofing Co. for your quote.