Extreme winter weather is a fact of life in the Twin Cities. When you’re in charge of maintaining a commercial property, managing the impact of wild winter weather on your assets is crucial. Extremely low temperatures invariably mean snow and ice, which can wreak havoc on a commercial flat roof. Repairing a roof before the problems worsen is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your business from disaster.


The commercial roofing contractors at A-Plus Roofing offer expertise in roofing repair and replacement. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about how we can protect your commercial flat roof from winter damage through preventative repair.

How Winter Impacts Your Commercial Roof

Extreme temperatures alone aren’t the biggest source of damage to your commercial roof. It’s the freeze and thaw cycle that can cause the most damage. When it snows, that snow and winter precipitation can end up building up on a flat roof. On a residential roof, that snow and precipitation will melt and run off the roof into the gutter system.


However, on a commercial flat roof, when the heat from inside the building melts the bank of snow collected on the roof, that water can refreeze and create a frozen lake. Meanwhile, the water that melts can seep down through points of damage, which allows it to leak into your building, damage your property, and allow mold and mildew to thrive.

The Importance of Preventative Repairs

The key to mitigating the damage of the freeze and thaw cycle is keeping up with repairs as soon as they are needed. Even minor cracks and damage can allow water to seep in and cause the proliferation of mold, which can add up in costly ceiling repair. However, allowing these problems to gradually worsen makes the repairs extremely costly.


When you overlook minor problems, you increase the chances that your roof will need to be replaced by a flat roof contractor. Before it comes to that point, our roofing repair team will locate any existing problems by using infrared imaging technology. We’ll then use roofing rehabilitation to get your roof back to its peak condition and prevent additional expenses.


We offer the following services:


●        EPDM rubber membranes

●        GAF TPO membranes

●        Duro-Last Roofs

●        Roof repairs for any size building

●        Complete roof replacement

Your Commercial Flat Roof Inspectors Serving the Twin Cities

It can be inconvenient and costly to come into your commercial facility to find that a leaky roof has damaged your inventory or equipment. Avoid serious damage or even roof collapse by addressing damage before it comes to that point. With three decades of service to the Twin Cities region, A-Plus Roofing offers expert contracting services for your TPO or rubber flat roof.


Connect with one of our expert contractors about your flat roofing repair by contacting our infrared roof inspectors at 952-894-5435. Or contact us on the web to get your roof in great shape to prevent winter storm damage.