Commercial flat roof membranes are known for their reliability and durability. However, if you suspect there could be a problem with your roof, it’s not something you want to take a chance on. Postponing your roof’s repairs can lead to serious damage inside your facilities and pose a risk to the building’s occupants. On the other hand, completely replacing a roof may seem like a drastic measure when you have a busy facility to run.

At A-Plus Roofing, our experts in commercial roof membranes can help you review the options on the table, so you only need to replace your roof if it’s absolutely necessary. In this post, we’ll discuss how we can determine the main causes of your commercial roof leak and help you make the best decision for your commercial business.

Commercial Flat Roof Leaks

Although they might seem simple, commercial flat roofs are far more complex than most people realize. The roof’s seams can end up crossing over large spaces, and the structure of the roof can make it difficult to diagnose any existing problems using visual inspection. However, our specialized equipment allows us to determine the origin of any existing problems and properly diagnose them. These are a few of the most common sources of roof leaks we encounter:

1.      Broken Field Seams - Your roof’s field seams are ordinarily expected to last for the roof’s entire lifespan. But sometimes, sources of disruption can affect the seams and weaken them, which leads to water infiltration. Some of the most prevalent causes of broken seams include damage due to weather or a higher than expected amount of foot traffic.


2.      Tar Cracks - If you’ve got an older BUR roof, these can shrink or dry out over time. When cracks develop in the tar, they can create channels that lead to water leaking into your facilities.


3.      HVAC Problems - Occasionally, problems can arise around a facility’s HVAC system. This is due to shrinkage among sealants and problems with seams, gaskets, and cavities.


4.      Membrane Damage - If your roof is a thinner membrane solution, even minor damage from walking or tools can end up being significant, which leads to cuts and wear in the membrane.

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Whether you’re concerned about water infiltration, or you just want to make sure your roof is ready before the coming winter season, we can repair any existing damage to your roof. Our team of seasoned flat roof membrane professionals at A-Plus Roofing uses infrared technology to assess any problems with your roof and make a thorough diagnosis.

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