With all the attention and focus on your day-to-day business, it can be easy to overlook what’s going on overhead. A commercial flat roof is one of the hardest-working roofing systems around. The intricate roofing systems of a commercial flat roof are designed to be incredibly durable with the simplest, most economical design possible.


Although your roof doesn’t require much maintenance, that doesn’t mean you can overlook it entirely. In fact, regular inspection should be a priority for anyone with a commercial flat roof.


In this post, our roofing contractors at A-Plus Roofing in Burnsville explain why you shouldn’t overlook maintenance on your commercial flat roof.

Prevent Cosmetic Problems

Too often, the first indication that there’s a problem with your roof comes in the form of ugly water stains inside your facility. Whether you’ve got unpleasant spots all over your drywall or a hanging tile on your ceiling, it can be quite costly by the time you’ve noticed a leak.


Even though you can sometimes add a few coats of primer to your drywall and repaint to hide the cosmetic damage, in most cases, you’ll end up replacing some drywall. Additionally, even after you’ve replaced what’s visible, you may have serious mold damage or mildew resurfacing down the road.


Avoid these issues altogether by keeping your roof maintained. Often, what begins as a minor roof fix can end up becoming catastrophic if left unattended.

Avoid Structural Damage

Water coming into your commercial facility can cause problems in several ways. One of the primary concerns with water or moisture infiltration is rust. Rusts in structural components can go unseen for too long until a weak spot has developed. If left unchecked, this structural concern can wreak havoc on your building’s structural stability.


Additionally, mold can be much more than a cosmetic concern. A single mold spore can easily proliferate with the help of moisture from a leak, creating a health hazard to all, particularly those with pre-existing conditions like asthma.

Avoid a Negative Impact to Your Energy Bills

No one is happy when the energy bills go high. While it’s common to assume that some of the factors that may cause a rise in the heating bills include loose doors, windows, and poorly insulated basements, we often forget that the roof also plays a huge role in energy conservation.


As your roof gets outdated, it begins to get weak and loose at some tight ends. This situation makes it possible for temperature and humidity levels from outside to permeate through the roof and affect your internal environment. Hence, there is a need to consider what makes your roof energy-efficient if you want to cut down on your heating bills.


You could start on your next roof upgrade to make this decision. It’s also important to note that working with a professional roofer like A-Plus Roofing is a step in the right direction if you need help with a roof restoration or installation that will improve your energy efficiency.

How Roof Repair Can Cut Your Energy Costs

When trying to determine whether a roof repair can reduce your energy bills, there are a few essential considerations to bear in mind. First, you need to note that the energy efficiency of roofs varies significantly depending on the material used to construct them and how they are installed.


Here are some vital factors to consider during roof maintenance or upgrade to ensure energy-efficient.

Solar Reflection

Getting a roof capable of reflecting light off your roof is one of the best ways to lower your roof temperature. Once your roof can reflect the sun’s rays, you are on course to reducing your energy bills.

Roof Ventilation

Your roof’s attic must be in the perfect condition for the roof’s ventilation system to work. If this is not the case, hot air can become trapped inside the attic and cause your home to retain heat. This affects your home’s cooling system and leads to a rise in energy bills.

Energy Star Rating

Some roofs have the energy-saving label, which means they are proven to be energy-efficient. Installing roofs with the energy-star label can help reduce your energy bill.

Shingle Color

If you have been using a dark shingle, you may have to try another color if you wish to cut down your energy bills. Dark shingles can easily retain heat and this can have an impact on your energy bills.

What Flat Roof Maintenance Should Include

Your roof maintenance should address these issues:


1. Keep drains unclogged to avoid water build-up.


2. Sweep and squeegee snow to keep melted snow from causing problems.


3. Treat your roof with a fungicide when necessary.


4. Get regular inspections to locate cracks and damage.

Contact Your Twin Cities Commercial Roofing Contractor

If you take good care of your flat roof, it will take good care of your structure for many years. Well-maintained roofs can protect your facility from mold, sun damage, and extreme weather now and down the road.


At A-Plus Roofing, we can use infrared technology to locate problems with your roof that are invisible to the naked eye, preventing disasters before they strike. Connect with a commercial roofing contractor by phone at 952.894.5435 or contact us online to schedule your regular flat roof maintenance or repair.