With all of the attention and focus on your day-to-day business, it can be easy to overlook what’s going on overhead. A commercial flat roof is one of the hardest-working roofing systems around. The intricate roofing systems of a commercial flat roof are manufactured to be incredibly durable with the simplest, most economical design possible.


Although your roof doesn’t require much maintenance, that doesn’t mean you can overlook it entirely. In fact, regular inspection should be a priority for anyone with a commercial flat roof. In this post, our roofing contractors at A-Plus Roofing in Burnsville break down some of the reasons you shouldn’t overlook maintenance on your commercial flat roof.


Prevent Cosmetic Problems

Too often, the first indication that there’s a problem with your roof comes in the form of ugly water stains inside your facility. Whether you’ve got unpleasant spots all over your drywall or a hanging tile on your ceiling, by the time you’ve noticed a leak, it can be quite costly.


Even though you can sometimes add a few coats of primer to your drywall and repaint to hide the cosmetic damage, in most cases, you’ll end up replacing some drywall. Additionally, even after you’ve replaced what’s visible, you may have serious mold damage or mildew resurfaces down the road. Avoid these issues altogether by keeping your roof maintained. Often, what begins as a minor roof fix can end up becoming catastrophic if left unattended.


Avoid Structural Damage

Water coming into your commercial facility can cause problems in several ways. One of the primary concerns with water or moisture infiltration. Rotting structural components can go unseen for far too long until a weak spot has developed. Rust can also spread in these circumstances. When combined, these structural concerns can wreak havoc on your building’s structural stability.


Additionally, mold can be much more than a cosmetic concern. A single mold spore can easily proliferate with the help of moisture from a leak, creating a health hazard to all, particularly those with pre-existing conditions like asthma.


Your roof maintenance should address these issues:


1.      Keep drains unclogged to avoid water build-up.

2.      Sweep and squeegee snow to keep melted snow from causing problems.

3.      Treat your roof with fungicide when necessary.

4.      Get regular inspections to locate cracks and damage.


Contact Your Twin Cities Commercial Roofing Contractor

If you take good care of your commercial flat roof, it will take good care of you for many years to come. Well-maintained rubber membranes can protect your facility from mold, sun damage, and extreme weather now and down the road.


At A-Plus Roofing, we can use infrared technology to locate problems with your roof that are invisible to the naked eye, preventing disasters before they strike. Connect with a commercial roofing contractor by phone at 952.894.5435 or contact us to schedule your regular flat roof maintenance or repair.