William Shakespeare once said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” A rose is a rose, but are all roofs the same? At its most basic, a roof’s job is to protect a building from the elements no matter what the purpose of the building beneath it. That’s why you might be surprised to learn that there are actually a few key differences between a commercial and a residential roof.


At A-Plus Roofing in Burnsville, we specialize in providing commercial roofing to Minnesota businesses. In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss some of the main differences between residential roofs and commercial flat roofs.


1.      Residential roofs are more decorative.

One of the key differences between a residential and commercial roof is their appearance. Residential roofs need to match the look of the architectural style and quite possibly the neighborhood.


Great care goes into selecting the right type of shingles for a home. Homeowners may end up selecting a different color or type of material based on the era their home was built so it will blend in well with the rest of the home’s exterior.


2.      Commercial roofs are more strictly utilitarian.

Unlike residential roofs, commercial roofs aren’t necessarily concerned with matching a specific architectural style. That’s because far more important is the utility and functionality of a commercial roof.


Commercial roofs often protect commercial equipment beneath them. They must also be able to withstand the weight of heavy heating and cooling equipment needed to maintain a commercial facility. In order to meet this requirement, commercial roofs tend to be flat by design.


3.      Commercial roofs are complicated to install.

Commercial roof installation requires a high level of skill. Residential roofs, by contrast, involve a fairly simple installation process. Although they have a higher slope than commercial roofs, residential roofs do not have many obstructions during the installation process.


Commercial roofs, however, often include smokestacks, pipes, heating and cooling equipment, and other types of equipment which installers will need to work around. The challenge comes in protecting the equipment and the roof while installing a high-performance roof that will protect the building for many years to come.


Rubber Membrane and Commercial Roof Installation in Minneapolis

A high-performance commercial flat roof will protect your commercial building from UV damage, mold, extreme temperatures, strong thunderstorms, ice, snow, and more. When it’s well-maintained, your roof will last for many years.


At A-Plus Roofing, we install rubber membranes, TPO, and Duro-Last commercial flat roofs. We also offer roof inspections using infrared technology to identify points of moisture infiltration. Connect with our commercial flat roof contractors at A-Plus Roofing to discuss your commercial roof repair or installation. Speak with a member of our team by calling us at 952.894.5435 or contact us to set up your infrared roof inspection.