If your business is located in the Twin Cities, your commercial flat roof takes a beating over the winter months. It’s important to address any roof repair issues right away after a long Minnesota winter. After all, a leaky commercial flat roof can end up damaging the product inside your facility, costing you upwards of thousands of dollars. It can also make your business look very unprofessional if a client sees a leaky roof when they visit your facility.


When summer hits, any damage from the ice and rain of the long winter can be compounded when the sun’s UV rays begin to bear down on your roof. That’s why taking the time to prepare your flat roof for the coming summer months is one of the most important things we do here at A-Plus Roofing.


Commercial Flat Roofs Through the Seasons

Commercial flat roofs come in several different materials and can protect your facility from a wide range of problems including ozone, chemicals, and weather-related intrusions. Whether your roof is made of TPO or a rubber membrane, keeping it maintained is key to protecting your building. With a commercial flat roof inspection, we use infrared technology to identify problems early on before they become serious. This can save you significantly in terms of both energy costs and prevention of damage down the road. It can also mean your roof will last much longer, saving you from having to replace your roof sooner than anticipated.


Identify Weak Spots

One of the trickiest things about a commercial flat roof is that it’s hard to catch problems with the naked eye. Often, leaks are not visible until they become apparent with leaking inside your warehouse or facility. That’s why a roof inspection allows us to identify potential breaches to the watertight barrier your flat roof is meant to provide. That allows us to catch problems early before any significant damage occurs.


A well-maintained roof can also protect your business from these summer problems:

●        Summer storms

●        UV damage

●        High temperatures

●        Mold


More Attractive Roof

A healthy flat roof is about more than just protecting what’s inside your building. Your facility’s exterior represents your company. No one wants to give a negative impression of their business with cosmetic damage that’s easily remedied. With our inspection, we’ll check your roof for missing or visibly damaged roofing elements so your business will look sharp from top to bottom.


Rubber Membrane and Commercial Roof Repair Minneapolis

If you’ve got a commercial flat roof on your facility, don’t wait to take advantage of our infrared technology and get a roof inspection that will protect your building all summer long. At A-Plus Roofing, we offer flat roof repair for Duro-Last, TPO, and rubber membranes. We can also work with your insurance agents to help make sure your claims are processed smoothly.


Speak to our roofing team at A-Plus Roofing to get your roof in shape before the summer heat starts to rise. Call our roofing pros at 952.894.5435 or contact us to schedule your inspection.