If you’re a commercial business owner in the Twin Cities, you know how important it is to protect your investment. Flat roofs offer a protective membrane to protect your property from the elements. They keep out water and air infiltration, damage from the sun’s UV rays, and biological contaminants.


One of the most effective flat roofing options is the TPO membrane At A-Plus Roofing in Minnesota, we’re experts in TPO membranes for your commercial roof. We’ve put together this helpful blog post to explain everything you need to know about TPO roofing.


What is a TPO Membrane?

TPO roofing systems are made of thermoplastic olefin sheets. TPO is made from a polymer and filler blend that consists of an elastomer, a thermoplastic, and a filler. It is created by blending these components together at a high temperature under high shear. Inside the TPO membrane is a layer of polyester. The polyester inside a TPO membrane adds to its strength and durability. TPO receives high wind ratings and can protect against air infiltration in even the most extreme weather.


TPO is also resistant to the following:

●        Grease

●        Chemicals

●        Ozone


TPO and Energy Star

A TPO membrane has natural UV absorbing qualities that protect the commercial building from solar heat and radiation. That means it can help reduce energy costs in a building. In fact, TPO membranes used in roofing have the Energy Star rating. They work to help the building maintain heat in the winter but also to keep the sun’s heat out of a building in the hot summer sun.


TPO Seams

Many flat roofs are installed using taping systems or glued seams. However, a flat roof’s seams can be its weakest point and the most likely point of infiltration from air or water. TPO is put together with hot air-welded seams. This adds an extra layer of stability to the roofing system. It’s also much more flexible than many other building materials, making it one of the most durable roofing options available.


TPO Membrane and Commercial Roof Repair Minneapolis

Whether it’s time for a new commercial flat roof or roofing repair, our team of Twin Cities roofing contractors is here to help. We also offer infrared technology to determine where your roof most needs to be repaired by detecting moisture infiltration.


Contact A-Plus Roofing for all of your TPO repair and installation needs. Give us a call at 952.894.5435 or contact us to find out more about your TPO roof.