If you’re a Twin Cities business owner, you know all too well the importance of a quality commercial flat roof. Your roof is your building’s main defense against some of the extreme temperature changes, snow, hail, and rain we can see here in Minnesota. It also works to protect your business against strong wind, debris, extreme heat, and even fire.


When your commercial roof develops a problem, it can cause serious damage if you don’t repair it right away. If you’re not sure when to repair your roof, our team of commercial roof repair contractors at A-Plus Roofing has put together this guide to help you out. Give us a call, and we can get your roof in shape fast.


1.      Be on the Lookout for Stains

One of the biggest indicators you’ve got a serious problem with your roof that needs to be addressed is stains. If you’ve got stains on your ceiling, you can bet there’s a leak in your roof. The membrane that provides the barrier between your roof and the weather may be seriously damaged. Stains on the walls are also a sign of trouble.


2.      Watch for Visible Signs of Mold and Mildew

Mold or mildew in your building means you’ve got a water infiltration problem somewhere in your roof. Take a look at your ceiling and walls. Are there black spots or other discolorations forming? That means there’s a moisture buildup somewhere under the membrane of your commercial flat roof.


3.      Perform the Smell Test

Sometimes the proliferation of mold and mildew is more about what you can’t see than about what you can see. You might not be able to see any visible signs of mold or mildew growth on your walls or ceiling, but if you smell mildew anywhere in your building, chances are pretty good there’s a water leak on your roof.


4.      Take Water Infiltration Seriously

If you’ve recently found yourself grabbing a trash can to place underneath a leak during heavy rain or cleaning up puddles in your facility, you’ve got a serious roof problem that needs to be immediately addressed. Don’t wait until your building’s occupants are at risk. Let our experts get to the heart of the problem and repair your roof.


Commercial Roof Repair Minneapolis

If your commercial roof is damaged, it can cause serious damage to your property or even place your employees at risk. Don’t take a chance when it comes to your business. Our commercial roofing contractors A-Plus Roofing in Minneapolis can use infrared technology to detect hidden moisture and find the leak in your roof then repair it. To schedule your inspection, give us a call at 952.894.5435 or contact us for more information.