When it comes to winter, Minnesota roofs are truly put to the test. When the snow and ice take over, your roof needs to perform at its best to protect your business or multi-family units from damage. Between all the added weight from snow and thick ice, winter roof damage can cost upwards of thousands of dollars.


If your roof isn’t prepared, you can end up with damage, leaks, and even a roof collapse. At A-Plus Roofing in Minnesota, we can help you get your commercial roof in shape for Minnesota’s long winter.


●        Clear Away and Identify Roof Hazards

One of the first steps to protecting your business for the winter is evaluating any potential hazards. Nearby trees and low-hanging branches are potential threats. Once the weight of snow and ice begin to stack up, any nearby trees pose a possible threat to your roof.


Consider having these branches professionally trimmed to protect your roof and occupants. Next, clear away any existing debris on your roof or in your building’s gutters. Every piece of debris on your roof represents a threat to your roof’s stability.


●        Get an Expert Commercial Roof Inspection

Each season before the winter weather hits, save yourself a headache later by calling the commercial roof repair experts to identify and put a stop to any existing problems. What seems like a minor problem today could easily become a full-scale crisis once several inches of snow start to pile up.


Using our infrared technology, we identify any existing concerns. We deploy an infrared camera to determine if moisture has leaked in. This moisture sometimes can’t be detected by the naked eye, so it’s important an A-Plus Roofing professional provides the inspection.


A roof inspection will determine the following:

○        How much moisture has leaked in

○        The exact point of infiltration

○        The type of repair needed


●        Repair Existing Commercial Roof Damage

Once we have completed your roof inspection, we will need to repair any existing damage. Proper maintenance before winter hits could mean the difference between repairing your commercial roof and having to replace it entirely later on. We offer proactive flat roof repair services with the goal of saving you from additional repairs down the road.


We never recommend a complete roof repair unless we believe it is the most cost-effective option for your business in the long run. Our expert roofers believe you know what is best for your business. We provide no-pressure solutions and leave the decision making to you.


Twin Cities Flat Roof Contractor

At A-Plus Roofing, our expert commercial roofing contractors have been serving the Twin Cities for more than 25 years. If you are a business owner in Minnesota, don’t risk the coming winter without ensuring your roof is ready to last through the ice and snow.


Whether you need a commercial roof inspection or flat roof repair, we can help. We can also install TPO membranes or rubber membranes for added protection from the winter weather. Give us a call at 952-894-5435 or contact us to schedule your inspection.