The future of commercial roof inspection is bright, but modern services are still incredibly effective. Every year, providers adopt new technology to assure long-lasting roofs capable of weathering storms, temperature changes, leaks and split sections.

A-Plus Roofing wants its customers to understand the power of this technology. In the commercial roof repair world, few things compare to the impact of a great initial inspection. Our intuitive service team uses infrared technology to examine commercial roofs. If you’ve never heard of infrared technology, you’ve come to the right place. Let us give you a crash course.

What is Infrared Technology?

Infrared technology is the use of infrared imaging to examine a roof’s deeper elements. Deployed via a special camera, infrared technology gives your business the insight it deserves. Many of today’s businesses opt for infrared roof inspections due to their comprehensive nature. In fact, infrared roof inspections are some of the most advanced inspections known to date.

How Do Infrared Roof Inspections Work?

Infrared roof inspections indicate moisture accumulation. By targeting a roof interior’s different temperatures, the technology essentially figures out where water has been building up.

Water is able to store more heat without changing its temperature too much. Unlike surface materials which gather heat quickly, a roof’s deeper areas are easier to examine due to their cooler nature. Images of different thermal levels appear on an infrared screen’s readout—giving your A-Plus Roofing technician incredible insight.

Should I Get an Infrared Roof Inspection?

Infrared technology gives commercial property owners a unique look into their building’s “problem areas.” Because infrared imaging can cover an entire roof, business owners benefit from a number of things. They can determine exactly how much moisture is within a roof—then figure out how it got there.

More in-depth infrared roof inspections can identify the causes of leaks, too. In doing so, they give business owners an idea of repair costs. Economical business owners, for this reason, have a lot to gain from getting an infrared inspection.

Plus, the data gathered during an inspection can be given to a roof repair contractor. Guided by the roof’s interior layout, complete with moisture levels, the technician can complete the job in less time.

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