Damage to a commercial roof will just get worse if it is not repaired before winter extremes. Save your company a ton of money by having the roof repaired before the problem grows into a serious issue. Many commercial roofs are flat, and roof damage can occur much more quickly on a flat roof than a pitched. If your roof is flat or pitched do not let any damage grow through the winter. Save your building and your budget and get it repaired now.

Repair Before It is Too Late

Financially the cost of a repair will be a lot more friendly on your budget than a full roof replacement. However if you do not front the repairs now, you will likely have no choice but to replace the entire roof sooner than you may think.


The reasons winter is so harsh on roofs is because of the cycle of freezing and melting water. If your roof is damaged even a little, it may allow heat to escape into the bank of snow that can accumulate on a flat roof. When that snow melts it will first get down into the damage and seep as water tends to do, then it will refreeze on the surface of the roof as a roof lake. A roof lake puts way to much weight on a roof and can cause structural damage to the entire building. Even if a roof lake does not occur and the snow simply melts down into the damage through the winter, you will likely be faced with mold problems and damage to the interior ceiling. A flat roof repair is much preferred to an interior repair of the ceiling and full roof replacement.

If you are looking for a flat roof contractor we have experience in roofing inspections and use Infra-red imaging to assess any issues that may be difficult to see. We can re-roof or rehab older buildings, to restore them to original security. We can fulfill any need you have for roof repair in Minneapolis.

Commercial services we offer include:

  • Duro-Last Roofs
  • TPO Membranes - GAF
  • Rubber Membranes - EPDM
  • Small or Large Roof Repairs
  • Roofing Inspections using Infra-red Technology

If you are concerned about your flat or pitched commercial roof, call us today for a free estimate. We can fix any commercial roofing issues you may be experiencing before the winter really gets her grip on the area.