Commercial flat roof inspections are a necessity. You want to make sure your flat roof has as long of a life as possible, so having it regularly inspected is beneficial to you and your wallet. Here are a few things we look at when we come out for an inspection.


We will take a look at your building’s gutters to ensure they are clean and not in need of repair or replacement. If your gutters back up, water can back up onto the commercial flat roof and cause leaks and other damage. Making sure your gutters are clear of debris is just one step of our inspection process.


We will inspect the HVAC unit and the area around it to ensure the unit is properly mounted. If the HVAC unit or the structure that holds it needs repaired or replaced, we will see that and let you know. If there is water pooling around the base of your HVAC unit, we’ll take measures to repair it.


The roof’s flashing is another part we’ll look at. We will look for flashing that is torn, loose or missing. We’ll look to make sure the bond between the base flashing and the edge of the mat or between the wall and counterflashing is properly bonded. We will also make sure the flashing is turned up enough so water cannot back up and cause a leak. Also, we will see if there is rust on the flashing or if the protective coating on the metals has disappeared or faded.

Overall Inspection

We will also keep an eye out for any damage caused by severe storms or other forms of extreme weather. If we see any damage, we will make a note of it to ensure it is properly repaired or replaced.