Although many contractors are proficient in both commercial and residential building and repair projects, there are nuances to be aware of when hiring someone to work on a commercial building. This is particularly true with roofing contractors. Flat roofs are a completely different system than a typical house roof and require specialized knowledge and experience both to install and maintain. Knowing what to look for during an inspection and being aware of common problems is what a commercial roofer knows how to do differently than a residential contractor who usually works with shingled pitched roofs.



As with any contractor you may hire for any repair, the first thing you’ll notice is their professionalism or lack thereof. You should immediately see the potential contractor has a courteous attitude and looks forward to doing the job. After conducting an inspection, the contractor should be able to confidently describe the repairs and quote a price which is close to what your other bids come in at.

Knowledge of Current Technology

The quote, when coming from an experienced roofing contractor, should include a few options based on which brands you choose and which specific products are needed. Since you probably aren’t intricately familiar with specific brands of flat roofing products, the contractor will be able to describe the advantages and disadvantages of each along with his recommendation. His description will be partially based on his personal experience and also include what each brand promotes as the properties of their products so you can draw on his knowledge to make a final decision.


Choosing a commercial roofing contractor doesn’t have to be difficult. Just like hiring anyone else, consider their experience and knowledge along with the price they offer. One the decision is made, trust your contractor will have the work done right and on time.