Whether you are looking to replace the roof on your commercial building in the near future or you are exploring your roofing options for a new building, you want to make the right choice for your needs. A roof is a big upfront expense that you are not likely to want to repeat in the near future. Dura-Last offers you several benefits that make it attractive for commercial buildings of all sizes. 

Flame Resistant
Dura-Last is a high-quality PVC roofing material that has a significant level of chlorine. Unlike many other roofing materials that are made of carbon components, Dura-Last is flame resistant. This makes it easier for you to achieve the fire ratings that are required by your insurance company. Dura-Last is also less likely to emit toxic gases when compared to other roofing materials

Cost Savings
Because Dura-Last is flexible and customized to your pre-fabricated specifications before it ever reaches you, it reduces the cost of labor. Welding that is completed at the job site is all but eliminated. Dura-Last, as a roofing membrane, protects the integrity of the roof seams, making them a more reliable option when it comes to the longevity and performance of your roof. 

Reflective Aspects
The reflective properties of your roof can make a huge difference in your utility bills. Dura-Last has been shown to provide a solar reflectance of 88 percent. With a significant amount of the sun's rays reflected, you can expect to pay less to cool it during the summer. 

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