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TPO Membranes Installation - A Plus Roofing Minneapolis

TPO MembranesA Plus Roofing provides TPO membrane roofing services to commercial customers throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul communities. A TPO roofing system offers superior protection from the elements and also meet or exceed fire protection standards. The process involves the use of Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) sheets that contain a layer of polyester which provides strength to the structure. Thermoplastic membrane roofing material contains UV absorbers that help to prevent damage and also to protect the building from incoming solar radiation.

The Benefits of a TPO Roof:

The primary benefit of a TPO roof is the extreme environmental benefit that these types of roofs offer for commercial buildings. Who would have thought that your roof could be certified as a Energy Star system? Thermoplastic membrane roofs can be Energy Star efficient. This means that these roofs help to reflect incoming solar radiation in summer which helps to reduce energy usage needed to cool buildings. In the winter, these roofs help to hold in heat which helps to reduce the cost of heating a building during the colder months of the year. Practicality is also a benefit of these roofs. A TPO is efficient and strong even during extreme periods of cold. Additionally, thermoplastics are good at resisting the effects of chemicals, oils, and even salts. With traditional roofing, material westernization, can cause seams to crack and/or split. TPO roofing systems are heat welded this means that weather is not going to affect their structure. The strength of the seams and the fact that the roofing surface is designed to withstand punctures make this type of roof a cost-benefit-long-term solution for commercial applications.

Commercial Roofing Services:

A Plus Roofing is an experience and comprehensive company that has been providing Commercial roofing services since 1990. You can put our nearly 25 years of commercial roofing service and experience to work for you and feel confident that the job will be done correctly. We provide the following commercial roofing services:

  • Duro-Last Roofs
  • TPO Membranes - GAF
  • Rubber Membranes - EPDM
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Inspections
  • Infra-Red Imaging/Inspections

A Plus Service Area:

A Plus Roofing has the experience to work with insurance projects, new builds, and repair / replacement of commercial roofs throughout Minneapolis and St Paul communities and suburbs. Our service corridor extends in a 30 mile radius from South Minneapolis and includes all of the areas of operation: Burnsville, Minneapolis, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, St Paul, and all of the Twin Cities. 

If you have a commercial roof that needs repair just call us. If you have a commercial roof that might need replacing and you would like detailed information about all of the roofing options available to you, including pricing, call us and set up a free estimate. We are happy to provide you with all of the information necessary for you to make an informed decision about how best to care for your roof. We are an honest company with a lot of pride for our integrity within the roofing industry. Call us today and we can start working on a comprehensive estimate for your property.

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