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Duro-Last Roof: Care, Repair and Replacement Services - A Plus Roofing Minneapolis

Duro Last RoofA Plus Roofing is a Duro-Last Contractor with experience in installation of all Duro-Last roof products. A Duro-Last roof uses a completely different approach to providing a roof for the structure. Duro-Last is innovative. Their products are pre-fabricated to ensure that field installation errors are minimized. When a roofing product is manufactured under ideal conditions the product lasts longer than when the same products are assembled in the field. That translates into a huge improvement in the function of the roof over its life time.

Benefits of Duro-Last Roofing Products

One would think that how long a roof lasts would be its only selling point. With Duro-Last products, however, there are a lot more positive considerations. One such consideration is monetary savings over the life of the roof. These are two concepts that most of us would not consider related. The truth of the matter is that your roof is in a position, literally, to save money. Duro-Last roofing products focus on what they call the five E's: Energy, Environment, Endurance, Economics, and Engineering. Each of those E's represents a way to save money. For example, the E for Energy focuses on how much it costs to heat and cool your home over the years. An energy efficient roof is capable of holding precious heat inside during winter and reflecting heat away during the summer months. This type of roof provides better efficiency for your building in winter, and to also keep it cooler in summer. That is an example of how innovative roofing can be. If you are using less energy to warm your house during the colder part of the year, and less energy to cool your home during the hotter parts of the year, then you are saving money all year long. That alone is a point that many property owners should consider.

A Plus Roofing Service Area

A Plus Roofing is a Duro-Last Contractor. We provide service to all of the communities within a 30 mile radius of South Minneapolis. Those include the communities of Burnsville, Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities, Eden Prairie, Richfield, Golden Valley, Plymouth, and all of the Minneapolis suburbs.

A Plus Services:

A Plus Roofing Provides the following roofing services:

  • Duro-Last roof and products
  • TPO membranes - GAF
  • Rubber membranes - EPDM
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof inspections
  • Infra-red imaging/inspections
  • Re-roofing and roof rehabbing on older buildings.

If you have a roofing problem and would like to have an expert inspect your roof and provide you with a detailed estimate that explains the problems, the costs to repair, and options to repair or replace your roof, just call us. One of our professionals will be happy to answer your questions and then arrange to inspect your roof.

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