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A-Plus Roofing is proud to offer Duro-Last prefabricated roofing systems for our flat roof contractor work. Our customers throughout the Twin Cities and in greater Minnesota have been very pleased with this long-lasting, quality product.

Duro-Last began in 1978 with the simple need to find a flat roofing system that worked. Existing roofing systems presented a common problem - they required ongoing maintenance from contractors and continual expense, with no long-term solution in sight.

Founder, John R. Burt, used his experience in fabricating pool liners to develop a remarkable new roofing membrane. Two years of additional testing resulted in the proprietary membrane formula still in use today.

Investigation within the roofing industry has shown that the majority of roofing system failures are not due to the roofing system itself, but to on-site workmanship. To solve this problem, they brought their roofing system "in house," developing patented prefabrication methods, and specialized equipment that allows them to complete nearly 100% of the difficult roof details and up to 85% of field seams under ideal factory-controlled conditions. The result is lower on-site labor costs and better installation quality.

Duro-Last is now the world's largets manufacturer of prefabricated roofing systems. Duro-Last's Roofing System, contractor installation teams, customer service and unmatched warranty combine to set the quality standards for the roofing industry.

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